New Hampshire requires students to demonstrate an understanding of civics as a high school graduation requirement. The best way to develop a strong civics foundation is to study the Constitution. However, most New Hampshire high schools (including Salem High School as of the 2021-2022 school year) do not offer civics courses. Instead they require a passing score on a simplified civics exam that takes ten minutes to complete. This ten minute exam is often the only exposure to civics students have throughout all of high school. This needs to change.

Valerie has created free resources available to anyone who would like to increase their civic knowledge. Resources are constantly being updated and can be accessed via the above links.

Order a Pocket Constitution

Valerie McDonnell is often found with a pocket Constitution sticking out of her back pocket. She explains that, “when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution in 1789, the Constitution was adopted as the Supreme law of the land.”

Pocket Constitutions are incredible resources that make learning civics convenient on the go. Please fill out the form below to request a pocket Constitution be mailed to you. These pocket Constitutions are completely free of charge.